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Visually smarter URLs

"Domain names with a higher purpose"

These dot com's may be available for sale or development...

A brandable portfolio of Internet identities to grow voter engagment in 2018, 2020 and beyond..

Wake up and participate. Visual tools and media interaction

designed to complement & expand campaign awareness.


The  URL's were created by text-based artist Bradley Arthur to mobilize next generation voters.

Visual slogans are call to action tools  to build strong voter engagement....

Generating new energy for this and future elections is vital for the health and well being of our country.

To acquire a domain or partnering in the development of a thriving all inclusive democracy,

Contact us.        Thank you

Encourage citizens to get involved
in exercising our civic duty to VOTE.
Call to action clarity for Internet identities are valuable assets for social media and print merchandise.
These Internet assets will grow in value and are useful to educate each next generation.
Every two years and especially every four years our citizens need to be reminded.

For example see some early versions: WordArtShirts.com


Help shape our future for a healthy America.
Domain names with a higher purpose.